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Viking Breakfast Club and Nutritional Program


The Viking Feeding Program was begun in 2016 by Coach Randy McPherson and Coach Kevin Wisham as a way to improve and promote adequate nutrition, hydration, sleep, strength, and conditioning efforts in our student-athletes.  It is funded by the Viking Touchdown Club and it purpose is to provide the food and nutrition well-being that the members of our football team need.  Today Coach Adam Carter and Kevin Wisham and the relentless volunteers from the Vikings TD Club continue what was started.  Adequate nutrition and energy intake is important to the physical and emotional well-being, as well as the sports performance of athletes.   If the amount of energy a student-athlete takes in is insufficient relative to the amount of energy that the student-athlete expends, it can negatively impact health and performance.  Athletic performance and recovery, as well as all-round mental well-being for athletes are enhanced by attention to their nutrient intake.


The Viking Breakfast Club is a major part of our feeding program.  Providing breakfast to the team for over 200 days a year helps ensure that each of our student athletes begin the day with proper nutrition.  But the Viking Nutritional Program has grown to encompass more than breakfast.  Team moms now feed lunch several times a year as well as Thursday afternoon meals during the season.  Football camp meals are being provided almost exclusively from the kitchen.  We are very indebted to our team of football moms that comprise the Viking Breakfast Club and Nutritional Program.  


But a program of this magnitude is not without cost.  It costs roughly $400 per year to feed one player.  Including the ninth grade we are currently feeding approximately 150+ players.  Your membership in the Touchdown Club, concessions purchases at home games, seatback rentals, discount card purchase, and golf tournament support make this program possible.  And in October the TD Club will hold its annual Clay Sporting Shoot with the proceeds benefiting this program. 


The individuals and businesses below have gone above and beyond in their financial support of our nutrition efforts.  Their contributions have helped make the goals of this program a reality.  We thank you very much for your contributions.  To make a donation contact any Touchdown Club officer or simply mail you check payable to the Viking Feeding Program to P O Box 651 Valdosta, GA  31603


2022 Contributors
$400 - $999

Rutland’s Low Voltage Systems
Bills’s Fish Camp & Motel
Reames Concrete Company
Luke Bush
H&H Insurance Solutions
Simmons & Harrell, P.C.
Ace Electric

Lowndes County Farm Bureau
State Representative John Corbett

JCI Contractors

Calvin Marshall Construction Company

Dr Steve Zeigler
Dr Matthew Heaton MD
Precious Treasures Learning Center
Dasher Service Company
J H Strickland Construction
The Farm House Restaurant
The Boardwalk


$75 - $399
Rev. Richard Pieplow
Provision Waste Management
Goble Saw Shop
Chauncey Contracting
Lowndes High School
SCORE Fundraising
S C Barker Construction Company
The Hydraulic Shop
Alpha Pro Tech
Southwind Sporting Clays
T3 Outdoors
Chick Fil A
Bush Wealth Management
The Pool Store
A Shade of Perfection

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