Miami Northwestern Tickets

Miami Northwestern Fans -

We are receiving many phone calls concerning tickets to the Lowndes vs Northwestern game on Friday, September 20, 2019.  Martin Stadium seats 12,000+ and we do not anticipate selling out the visitor side.  Section M on the visitor side is reserved for visiting fans and if it fills up we reserve Section L, Section K, and Section J - as they are needed.  This is 3000 plus seats for visiting fans.  We look forward and welcome the fans from Miami and we want to assure you we will have plenty of seating.


Tickets are not available on-line but you will be able to obtain tickets when you arrive.  Tickets are on sale pre-game until 1:00 pm on Friday so if you arrive early you can stop by the ticket office at 1592 Norman Drive and purchase in advance.  Tickets will then go on sale at the stadium at 6:30 pm on the visitor side.  The stadium is located at 1606 Norman Drive. 


 Again there will be plenty of tickets so no worries.  Our campus also opens at 4:00 pm for gameday traffic and for tailgaters to set up.  Below is a layout of our stadium showing each section.  Again Section M is reserved for visitors and if needed Sections L, K, and J are also visiting fan seating.  

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