Viking Touchdown Club Parking Info


Parking decals were mailed out August 1, 2022.  For membership information, please contact Ben Prince at 229-460-5973 or James Darling at 229-539-0189

A successful program will always translate to a larger fan base, and the majority of that fan base always looks for ways to support their team. The Vikings have had tremendous success over the last twenty years, and as a result, the number of fans has grown substantially. One of the ways a team’s fans can support is by joining their local touchdown club. Many of you have done just that and, with your membership, have received privileges as part of the package…reserved parking passes are one of those perks.


Over the last few years, we have made improvements to the parking area, such as fencing, expanding the number of spaces, and hiring parking attendants.  This year the entry to the reserved lot is changing.  There is now a gate at the south end of the reserved parking with entry through the ‘grassy knoll’ tailgating area.  Tailgating in the ‘grassy knoll’ will not be curtailed – to the contrary it will be enhanced.  The drive through the ‘grassy knoll’ will open up tailgating to the entire grass area. 


All entry to the reserved parking area will be from this new south end gate.  The old entry gate on the north end next to the interstate will be closed prior to kick-off with no entry.  It will be opened after the game for exiting.


Parking attendants will be on hand to direct you into the reserved parking area.  You must have your parking pass displayed on the driver side dash.  Do not ask the attendants to let you in without a pass – No Pass No Entry.  We ask that you obey their parking instructions – with the large number of members we have all available parking area must be utilized.  Those arriving first will be parked at the north end of the lot as they have for the past several years. 


There is no tailgating within the reserved parking area and you can utilize only one parking space per vehicle.  There is ample of tailgating areas outside the reserved parking area.  Below is a map showing the new entry way into the reserved lot.  This map is on the back of your reserved parking pass. 


The Lowndes Athletic Department, Lowndes High School, and the Viking Touchdown Club will continue to strive to ensure your visits to Martin Stadium are an enjoyable and pleasant experience.  As always, we appreciate your support of Lowndes Viking football